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Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to Choirs in and around North Cumbria throughout November and December 2022


A range of forthcoming choral music

Despite living in a relatively rural area of the UK - or perhaps because it's rural - there are a wide variety of local choirs, which perform in a range of settings. As a singer you can choose to join the choir whose music you like the most: as an audience member you might want to select the dates and venues which are also most convenient, as well as the musical style.

We set out below what some of the other choirs are offering this winter season, and how to find out more.

Dumfries Choral Society

Some stunning choral and solo works will be performed by Dumfries Choral Society at the end of November. Faure's lovely Requiem will be well known; Elgar's lively and folk-inspired Songs from the Bavarian Highlands (with words by Elgar's wife Alice) lend a generally light-hearted tone to the concert; and Vaughan Williams' Mystical Songs for solo baritone and chorus set words by the metaphysical poet George Herbert. The words of the final song will be well-known to many church goers, although the musical themes are more varied...

Dalston Male Voice Choir

This choir not only has a christmas concert coming up on 4th December, but is also singing on 27th November at Wetheral Church (at the daylit time of 2.30pm).

Their christmas concert will take place in St Michael's church, Dalston, and again is an afternoon concert.

Carlisle Community Choir

One of the most striking things about the Carlisle Community Choir, still a relative youngster on the scene compared to many other local choirs, is that the singers always look as if they are all really happy to be performing. This concert promises to be hugely enjoyable for that reason in itself: let alone the fact that it's going to offer many of the best bits of christmas - sparkly music, children singing, and refreshments afterwards.

Penrith Singers

This is another of the adult choirs which has Edward Taylor as Musical Director. On 3rd December Penrith Singers will be performing Bach's Magnificat, Mozart's Coronation Mass, and some well-known and less well-known carols. Soloists include local professional singers.

The concert takes place in St Andrew's Place, Penrith, at 7.30pm.

Keswick Choral Society

Keswick Choral Society's concert takes place on Tuesday 13th December, and like Solway Singers they are paying tribute to Vaughan Williams' 150th anniversary by singing the Fantasia of Christmas Carols. Other pieces include sections from Handel's Messiah and the audience can then join in with some christmas carols.

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